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What is WebRing?


After a heartbreaking 6 months of trying to save an important member of our family (our Airedale, Sabrina) and because we learned in this time of sorrow many distressing facts that I feel must be shared with all pet lovers.

I decided to build a Memorial website in her name.

I since have added Breanna ( our new love) to be able to show much joy along with the sorrow.

This proved to be an interesting challenge because you see I am getting up in age, with a bad heart, one real bad eye, living on a small pension and of course the fact that I do not know HTML.

I was able to work on a very good free site builder.

After many months I have received only a few hits from people able to find my new site no matter what I did to try to improve on it!

I was beginning to think that we were the only pet lovers in the world until, one day I found and joined this WebRing.


WebRing has a great many websites and I plan on trying to enjoy them all!

However, just by chance I typed in pets, then Airedales and found hundreds of pet lovers, many are even Airedale lovers!

If you are a pet lover come check out the site, if you are interested in Airedales and/or just want to learn ways to protect your pet while surfing around this great website stop by who is the real pet and say hi!

I have since met many good friends however, more important than that this website is slowly lowering the pain and sorrow from the loss.




Just another Airedale pet!







"Oh people,

I hate to rush you

 but, do you think

that someone could

take me for my walk now







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