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Breanna's sister wants to take her for a walk

before the long trip to her new home.

This is the first time that we met Breanna

and the first time that she met strangers.

We fell in love with her at first sight

and believe that the feeling was mutual.






(The power of the written word).



On this web site I will be trying to help us deal with pets and Vets,

and I do not mean military vets,

 I am talking about some of our so-called pet Veterinarians.

These "Doctor's" seem to be extremely un-trained for the care of small pets.

Pets other then horses and cows.

I am also adding my opinion of some of the very best Veterinarians.

Ones that do small pets and horses and cows.

The pages in this sites are for people that own

 dogs, cats, birds, etc and they still claim that they own their pets.

However, I am guessing that none of us have ever had an Airedale in the home.




I also want to start a good restaurant, hotel, motel,

beach and park review for our pets.

Please feel free to send in any of your own experiences with

 the above restaurants, hotels, motels, beaches, parks and almost

anything else that you believe  our pet lovers should know about.

With this website I wish for you to enjoy my family however, I also

want to help you with your pets so that you do not fall into the same

trust problems that we had and the loss we feel because of our

blind trust in doctor's both two legged (people) and four legged (pets).




Pet friendly page.

On my pet friendly page I am writing about my experience with places like

Red Roof Inn, Motel 6, motels in Key West, pet friendly parks, beaches,

safe places to groom you pets, and stores like Home Depot, Lowes,

True Value,Wal*Mart, with Veterans discounts and allowing your pet

into their store. Helping pet lovers fined interesting things for pets.

How stores in Florida compare with other states like in New England

as for pricing ,deliveries and customer service.

How each store, motel, beach and park treat our Veterans?


Real pets page.

This is a story about how I became introduced to

Airedales after meeting Luke & Zoe.

Sabrina page.


This is a heart wrenching story about our baby and

what I believe my lack of information from all three

Veterinarians we put Sabrina's life into hoping to keep

her well only to find out that all they want is our money

and on to their next victim!

Also with this we found so many good people that worked

so hard helping us through this.

Places to go with your pets page.

This is a growing list of places to eat that love to see your pets.

Pet friendly Restaurants like Moes south west grill, JJ Fins, and Pizza Amore.


The good the bad and the ugly truth about Veterinarians page.






in Pet Foods: A Letter to the FDA


Gloria Dodd DVM”

This was the end of the letter and for 4 years corresponding with the FDA they repeatedly responded with “We are looking into the matter”. Which of course they weren’t, so I took it to the public with newsletters, audiocassette tapes, Diane Stein’s book and in 1999 the creation of my website:


All products mentioned are found in the product section of my electronic store

Click here to Download our Latest Catalog




Please do not do what we did,

please get at least a 2ndopinion

on everything everyone tells you!

The life that you save

will be your loving






More of Breannas Photos
Yes we love her.
Yes we are proud to be her pets.

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"Oh people,

I hate to rush you

 but, do you think

that someone could

take me for my walk now







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