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Use the power of the internet to find friendly restaurants

for your dogs and cats or any other pet.



The first place that we found that takes pets

was Moe's southwest grill in the Villages at

2604 SW 19th avenue Rd (Pier one shopping center).

They have a nice cool overhang with tables, chairs and an umbrella

 and the parking is up close and  easily accessibility

for disability and healthy alike.

The food  menu is colorful and easy to read plus the food taste  great,

we have tried most of their menu.

You walk in to a giant wall menu and then to happy helpful servers.

Drinks are help yourselves to your refills.

The bathroom is always clean and bright always will stocked

 with paper towels.


While traveling around our area we found

two other Moe's southwest grill that also take pets.


Moe's Southwest Grill

941 North Woodland Boulevard
Deland, FL 32724
(386) 734-3708

Moe's Southwest Grill

2616 Enterprise Rd, Orange City, FL 32763 US


(386) 532-6637

With this knowledge I would assume that all Moe's take pets?










We made our way through a list of pet friendly restaurants

 today looking for a place where 6 adults and a puppy

would be welcome, turned out to be a fast sad trip.

It would seem that people advertise their restaurants in a list

just to get customers or they soon changed their minds about excepting pets.

We always call first, and when we do call we find out that they now do not take pets!

One of our group asked if we called JJ Fins, I said no I did not know that they allow pets?

we call and you bet they do allow pets, they loved all over our Breanna, not only that but the prices are

the same or better than any of the restaurants that we called and the food was also great! The parking is

paved and close to the door, with easy access for disabled people.

The hostess was kind, helpful and walked us back to seating of our choice, talking

to Breanna all the way. The food was great and plenty however we were able to get doggy bags for another days meal.

The bathrooms are large and clean.

JJ Fin's 352-742-3467

3351 W. Burleigh Blvd., Tavares, FL 32778







Another good place to eat is Pizza amore 622 North Donnelly Street, Mt Dora, FL‎ - (352) 383-0092‎




This restaurant is in the old Mount Dora area so you will be able to enjoy some good old scenery.


While sitting outside on a picnic table with Breanna

(our puppy, yes they do allow pets and will feed and give them water if you wish )

enjoying our very good Greek Salad we enjoyed watching the horse and buggies

pass by heading down the main road, it was nice under the trees and umbrella.

While waiting for the main course ( we shared a large Florentine  pizza ) I checked out the restroom.


Once you get over the fact that there is a full length mirror wall just before entering,

 you will find a clean fresh restroom.


The parking might be a little tight at times but I think that would

be because of the food and friendship however, there is parking

 around back and across the street.







Z-Cafe 100 E Main St, Leesburg, FL

34748 (352) 326-2439

Next to Leesburg library good over hang with plenty of parking. 

Pets welcome.






Blue Gator of Dunnellon‎

12189 South Williams Street, Dunnellon, FL 34432-6054

(352) 465-1635‎


The Blue Gator is open!

waterfront tiki bar & restaurant is open for lunch and dinner,

seven days a week. We have great food, relaxing atmosphere on our large deck.

Pets very welcome.




Pet friendly restaurants


To all of the pet's ( people that love their pets and know that they are the real pets) out in internet land!

If you are looking for restaurant's in Florida, or any place else in the USA that care for you and your pets I found this website.


This person tries to keep it up however, as we know things change fast in the restaurant world, but they are quick at getting back to you with changes.

If you have any other pages like this one to help,, we the pets, take our loved ones out to eat please let me know so that I can let the rest of our pet loving group know also.


Breanna's pet






This is a place that we did not take Breanna to

( she was being groomed for 3 hours)

However, while we were enjoying getting lost and hungry

 we stumbled on a sea food place known only

to the natives of that area.


Winter Park Fish Company



761 North Orange Avenue

Winter Park, FL 32789

(407) 622-6112

I do not believe that they have room in the restaurant

to allow petsbut you can park very close to a cool outside porch.

We had Shrimp and fish & Chips

Her Scrimp was very good, we shared.

My fish was Haddock, the best eating fish in the world.





We found another place that is very friendly,

has great food, prices are reasonable

and they except and enjoy your pets.

We were on the way to buy me a new pair of shoes,

this is always a big challenge for Donne, I do not

like spending money on me and she always tries to

find ways to make me look good,

this of course is another challenge for her.

Any way we saw this place called Crispers

in Eustis, Fl on David Walker Rd.

they have a patio with an awning and tables

so on the way back through we stopped

in to check the place out.

The restaurant is clean and fresh,

the bathrooms are spotless,

and the people are extremely friendly.



daddy need a bath?



"Oh people,

I hate to rush you

 but, do you think

that someone could

take me for my walk now







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