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We now live in central Florida a place that knows nothing about Airedales but, worse then that, they do not ever care!

Just give me all of your money and trust me! If you believe that statement I have this bridge that I wish to sell you in New York!

It is now 10 years later, we lost Luke & Zoe. At the time I thought and believed our vet and buried them in what is now our pet cemetery just outside of the kitchen window, under a tree we now call Zoe’s tree. Her (my other half’s )step dad, wants so bad to end the life of that poor tree however, this will never happen.

If you want to see the funniest thing in the world you should watch an animal/Bird lover constantly chasing woodpecker’s off Zoe’s poor looking tree!

Think back about 3 years ago, with the Chinese pet recall, we almost lost our new daughter to this bad batch of food so we decided to make our own dog food.

Our Airedale (Sabrina) was recently given a death sentence by her 3rd Vet in six months.
It all began in October with what was called by our local Vet in Altoona Florida as a fungal infection, Pills, shots, baths, and lot’s of money, she got no better, in fact she did get much worse.
After 2 months of nothing helping, we tried another Vet this one in Tavares Florida, who said that it was ringworm, and staph, more pills, more baths, getting worse every day.
She wanted to do a biopsy under sedation, we refused. Airedales have had bad reactions to sedation and it is not necessary to put a dog under for a biopsy!

She said to find another Vet to do it under a local. So, we went to “a so called best vet in central Florida”, a Vet Dermatologist Specialist in Orlando, who did the biopsies under a local.
The results a week later she said, were Cancer, T-cell lymphoma and that there was nothing to be done for her.
We kept asking each of these Vets about her elephant skin and the very smelly, yellow crusty scales, the oozing sores everywhere and hair loss, we never got an answer. Also not one of these so called experts ever took a blood test or checked her Thyroid!
After many hours day after day on the internet we now feel that she had, and we are treating her for a systemic yeast infection. Way too late!
She has always had good food, we thought, dry food, Wellness lamb/rice, twice day, brown rice with cooked lamb, veggies of carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, etc. She also got daily 2 tea spoon. of Missing Link, her dog cookies were lamb/rice, and yes they both had yeast in them.
Treats for her once a day were raw carrots, apples, no peelings.

Several weeks ago, we saw a dog on a Vet Clinic site that looked like Sabrina and it had yeast infect.
All the symptoms matched hers, including going in circles in her bed, dull listless eyes, fuzzy memory, crusty, yellow, flaky scaly skin, oozing open sores, weakness and swelling in her hind legs and on and on.
After looking at the Bull Terrier on that site, we are convinced that this is what she had.
We have read that some biopsies are misread in these cases. We found all of this out too late for our Sabrina, we are hoping this information will save others, Sabrina has now passed!





An update on Veterinarians and care givers around central Florida.

We now take our pets to the very best Veterinarians

for their care and protection.

 ( The small Animal Hospital at the University of Florida

 Veterinary Medical Center).


We also now take our pet to A Terrier Tail for grooming

with Tina Wooldridge and the owner Nancy Cass.








We now feed Breanna home cooked doggy food.

Ground Lamb

Frozen vegetables


wellness dry puppy food mixed with

wellness Super5Mix.

mixed in some bottled water to soften the dry food

Small portions three time a day and  in between

Greek yogurt and a few crushed blueberries.

 Because lamb has a lot of fat I bought a good

 steamer instead of a crock pot, and

cook the lamb until good and brown.

We boil the vegetables instead of a microwave because

pulls out all of the nutrition.




"Oh people,

I hate to rush you

 but, do you think

that someone could

take me for my walk now







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