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On their first trip to Connecticut snow Zoe  on left, a typical girl,

first tried to pick up all four feet at a time,

in this photo she just tries to eat it all.

Luke on the right first tried to eat everything.

However, after a little time he just

loved tunneling everywhere.









Some 10 plus years ago I was introduced to Airedales, I met Luke & Zoe.

I have had children (5 of them), I have had grand children

(last count 17 of them)

and I have had birds, cats, dog, turtles, lizards, worms, mice, EST.

 I have even had snakes however, I was new to Airedales!

I climbed into the car (Jeep) at the airport, Luke and Zoe

were in the back (no back seat) more room for the dogs.

I smiled said hi and slowly put my hand into the back area palm down,

they could not hear me because they were too busy barking!

Luke first and they Zoe took their turn placing my hand between

the jaw and used just enough

Pressure to hurt but not break skin, then walked off to get

comfortable for the rest of the ride.

Do you want to play catch with an Airedale?

 Only if you need your exercise!

Airedales play catch by sitting and watching you throw

and then fetch the stick, an Airedale gets exercise by

walking away head held high while looking back at you in disgust!

You threw it if you want it go get it!

I can see why the allied and the Germans used Airedales

to carry notes from foxhole to foxhole during WW-2,

Airedales can think on their feet,

they will take down a grizzly bear, nothing bothers them except,

if an insect fly’s somewhere in the house

or car they go nuts or hide under something.

However, just about the time that you are ready

to throw up your hands and say

 “What is the use”

Airedales will come up to you and teach you what true love is!






"Oh people,

I hate to rush you

 but, do you think

that someone could

take me for my walk now







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