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A story about my friend, companion and master, our Airedale of some six years Sabrina.


She is what people call a rescue dog, sometimes I wonder just who rescued whom?


Soon after the big scare from the Chinese poisoned dog food ( one of too many times that this communist country has been finding ways to kill off Americans) in which the only way we kept her alive was to carry her out into the car every few hours for that complete holiday weekend and drive her around the neighborhood, Sabrina loves going for a ride.


We thought that after that the only way to insure that she remained healthy was to make our own dog food, sounds good right?

A few months ago she showed up with a bleeding spot on her side, we took her to someone that we though was a friend, our Veterinarian for help.


To keep from fighting a lawsuit let us just say we chose to try a friends Veterinarian.

Nothing there either, so we took her to the said to be best pet skin specialist in Florida who told us that now she has skin cancer!


At this time in on grief it would be so easy to blame God, why did god let this happen?

Does this mean that god does not have interest in animals because they are lower then humans?

Good thing I never went down that road because the more we read on the internet the more that we find out that we and our many money hungry vets are the ones to blame!

We bought the best ground lamb that our supermarket could get once a month, brown rice and frozen vegetables mixed them together, steamed the Lamb, add some vitamins and served it to her three times a day, she now ate like a Queen!

Brown rice and the vegetables brake down as sugar and the vitamins are full of yeast, all built up in her system and are killing her!


God will soon take her home to be with him and if we repent we will get to see her soon!



Sabrina has crossed at 02:38 this morning






American Cancer Society Relay for Life.
My two owners Donna & Breanna.

Donna & Me.
Trying to catch our breath.



Shirlee, Jon, Donna and I attended the Walk for life at the

Leesburg high school, Leesburg Florida yesterday 05/07/2010

From our Leesburg Area Democrats Club

For the American Cancer society.

Donna and I now wish to give a heartfelt thank-you to

Shirlee Greider Leesburg Area Democrats Club


Diana Schwartz- Community Representative


also thanks to all of the people that

showed us and Breanna

(Walking for her sister-Sabrina)

how much they understood this love.


for their understanding of our hurt after

the loss of our beloved Sabrina to Cancer!



last but not least a


to the

Daily Commercial newspaper.

The only news media caring enough to

come join our cancer relay for life!

This paper sent us an angel with

a kind understanding heart.


Sabrina & Breanna's

Mommy & Daddy



Daily Commercial



I believe that if the American Cancer Society could find a way

to make it possible for any pet to walk with their pet lover's in memory

of their beloved pet or because of their beloved pet, many more people

will willingly walk their walks!

Insurance that people!

I have a bad heart (Cardiomyopathy) and can no longer

walk the 5 mile walk however, I can and do walk around

those short walks for my friends that have cancer.

Think about this if your grandmother, grandfather, mother, father,

son, daughter, husband, wife, grandchildren, friend or

neighbor have cancer, you will walk for them!

Why should a company be able to tell you

that you cannot walk with your pet?







Donna, Breanna and I walked the relay for life

in memory of our beloved Sabrina.

2010 Relay For Life of Leesburg, FL


Welcome to the Relay Nation



Sabrina you will never be forgotten,

we will continue to push to let pet lovers

know of the real danger of trusting all Veterinarians.





"Oh people,

I hate to rush you

 but, do you think

that someone could

take me for my walk now







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