Mohican/Pequot/Mohegans first Village.

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This village ( Uncasvillage also known as Turtle hill )

is the oldest village of my people in New England.

As our tribe, while being forced, moved into

this area as farmers (Mohicans) the hill on the river made

a great place to watch for any enemy.

The land along the river being good farm land also reminded

 them of their homeland along the Great lakes.






On this page I wish to explain why I am writing my information

about my people. The Indigenous Eastern Woodland American

Traditional Natives people  of Indian Country.


Because this is a free site I may need to move

my information now and again.

However for now let's teach, shell we?


I was one of a few very fortunate children growing up in

New England Uncasvillage Connecticut to be exact.


My Grandfather held his monthly meetings around that area

at different places so as to make it easier for our elders to make meetings.


He also always invited guests from all other tribes at each monthly meetings.


The reason why I consider myself fortunate would be because

in the 40s 50s and 60s there were no children my age around our house

to play with so I got to go to his meetings every weekend and holiday

and sit at the feet, so to speak, of these elders and learn about

our past and our traditions.

I am now an elder with no one around too teach, so I am putting

their knowledge on web sites for all to learn and to question!

Please do question.


You will find the true information on our Spirituality, Regalia,

Pipe Traditions,

Prayer ,Prayer Pouches and much more.



On this page of this website I want to introduce you to

Eastern Woodland American Traditional Native People

and why the names Mohegan and Pequot cannot be used

in any sentence with the word casino in it.

The way life was before first contact, the way life is now

after first contact and the way life would

be if our people were left alone.

Just because we the traditional long for life as it should be,

does not mean that we wish to still hunt, fish and farm

on foot with makeshift clothing and weapons.

We find no reason why all of the peoples on Mother Earth

would not get along without taking and never giving.

Yes, it is true that that we believe that everything belongs to Creator

and that Creator allows us to borrow, that is why you will always find

that no traditional will ever keep anything except family.

If our ancestors were alive today they would enjoy everything science

can provide and I know that many of them would be prod to join in through schooling.

I will introduce you to Creator and why we believe that creator is neither man or woman,

 Just what is a Traditional American Native person Sachems

and why there is said to be no living Sachems and of course why this is not true,

Chiefs and a real chiefs position in a traditional American Native tribe,

Clan mothers, Clan Grandmothers, Grandfathers and their position with our people,

Medicine men Medicine Women and the real reason why you should never know

who they are, Uncasvillage, Turtle hill, Turtle Island, Spirituality, Uncas,

Shamans, Warlocks, Witches and why there was none and still should not be any

in our traditional way of life, Casinos and why we the traditional will never

own or join one.

Science and why I know that our ancestors believed and used science.

Aquine and why we use the word even now,

the word Aquai and why we also still use this word.




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