Mohican/Pequot/Mohegans first Village.

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We are the last of the royal family

Please be advised we have nothing to do with a casino we never

 Have, nor will we, it is against our belief, our ancestors and

the Creator, we are sorry to read that many people are

having problems with them however, we ask you to

please write to their web site, Thank-you.



" We are the Storey Clan, descendants of

the Mohegan's an Algonquin Speaking
American Native people of Turtle Island and Uncas,
the first Sachem of the Mohegan's.

As Sachem Uncas changed the name from Pequot back

to Mohicans and the Early European settlers again

misspelled it to become Mohegan

 The Algonquin speaking people were

the largest group of American Native
or indigenous peoples along the Eastern coast
of what is today known as the United States.


We are also descendents of Samson Occum,
an American native Preacher and an ancestor of
both Mary Tracy Fielding Storey and
Bright Star, Alice Storey. "





One of the many school’s that write to me, wrote today 11/20/2009

wanting photos of Native American villages, I guess that school children

of now a days are finding it real hard to learn about

Traditional Eastern Woodland American Native people.


1st let us go with some of the Traditional Eastern

 Woodland American Native village’s

nativevillage3.jpg  nativevillage4.jpg


nativevillage2.jpg  nativevillage.jpg




2nd the new modern 1990’s to 2000’s so called

Indian village or Casino Indian villages.


casino2.jpg casinovillage.jpg 

  casino3.jpg casino4.jpg




3rd or last but never least is the fact that we

the Traditional are using the best of both worlds!



There is no reason to live in the past just because

we are Traditional Eastern Woodland American Natives.

We now use wind, solar and Geothermal Pumps,

click on the picture and see much more.


We now live in Geothermal round and long houses made of Fiberglass/Poliplastic built with Mother Earth in mind, Alternative Energy, with Wind & Solar power.




What is this name Mohegan and where did it come from?


I need to start out with some boring statistics to lay the ground work like

” in the beginning”.


Before beginning the story of Sachem Uncas, also known as the Fox,

for his abilities to outsmart all who wished him dead.


I need to be sure that it is understood that the sources for

some of this information was handed down by my Grandfather

and other Elders and some was from other sources.

All of these teachings by my Mohegan Elders, took place at

our monthly meetings, while I was growing up in Uncasvillage.


As computers, telephones or libraries did not exist in

the time of Sachem Uncas, it would be nearly impossible

to say that there is any source about him that is perfect.

It is very disturbing to me and my family to read all of the

so called true stories about not only Sachem Uncas,

but the Mohegan people as well, written by those

who are neither Mohegan, nor even Native.

How can one be an expert without living the story?



This is what I know:


Uncas, who was the first Sachem of the Mohegan People

was a descendant of Royal Blood.

His mother was Mekunump and his father was Oweneco,

they were both Pequots.


Uncas was born near what is today Norwichtown,

the historical Pequot Village in Connecticut in 1588-1683??


Most people believe that American Natives chased their food source,

mainly the Woolly Mammoth, through the Bering Straits Land Bridge

and that our people then came across and down into what

are now the Great Lakes and the Hudson River Valley.

Our English name became known as the Monheags.

One of these groups of people became land diggers or farmers,

however, most of the tribes in that area were warring tribes

which over time, forced this group of Monheag People East.


After some time and many forced movements, this group of Monheags

ended up along the Quinatucquet River, which later became

known as the Connecticut River in what is now Connecticut.


The many years of battles and losing their farms, taught this tribe

how to fight, so that when the Mashantuckets, Missituks,

Niantic’s, like the Mohawks had so long ago, came to

destroy them and take their farms, the Monheags

were ready for them, waging war first on them,

then the Dutch and then the French.

After this, the Dutch called them the Pequins,

then the French changed their name to Pequods

and the English changed it to Pequot’s.


When the English showed up on the Quinatucquet and Pequot Rivers,

Sachem Wopigwooit was the leader of the tribe.

After his passing, the people then chose Sasscus as leader,

instead of Uncas who should have rightfully been Sachem,

hoping that he would force the English back into the ocean.

Sasscus like the Niantic’s and the Narragansett’s hated

the English and was at war with them constantly.

War chief Uncas, who was Sasscus's son in law, tried to reason

with Sasscus and the people, but they would not listen to him.


So Uncas took all who wished to go with him,

across the Pequot River, to the Cauchegan Village,

gave them back their old name Monheags

and became their Sachem.



Cauchegan Rock is a sacred place to

my Mohegan people.

When it became clear that Sachem Sasscus would not rest

until the English, Niantic’s, Narragansett’s and all of the

surrounding tribes were removed from the land, everyone

came together and completely eliminated the Pequots.


The English changed the name of our river to the Thames River

and Sachem Uncas’s people eventually became

known as the Mohegan’s.



Cauchegan Rock

Cochegan rock named by European settlers/Cauchegan Rock the true Mohegan name has been over looked for many years now and I liked it that way.  Cauchegan rock (named after a Mohegan relation family of mine that first lived in the village) is the largest rock in Mohegan land.

The unique setting of the rock was the main reason that it was used so often as a meeting place by Uncas and his followers.

In the spring and for most of the summer, the tribe used it and the land around it, for one of their many villages. Often times, the trees would be used where they stood, to form long and roundhouses. The village was surrounded by fresh water for drinking, gardening, washing, etc., while, the nearby Pequot River provided an abundant supply of fish and clams. The Fox River has now been diverted and used elsewhere by housing development!

My Grandfather told me that the tribe would often put tables and chairs on top of Cauchegan rock when they held their meetings. This would also allow them to see anyone coming towards them from great distances, friend or foe. In the colder weather, the tribe would use the rocks and trees in the area to shelter them from the winds. The warmer weather it was a good place for gardening.

The first Pau-was of the new season would begin at the rock with fellowshipping, before going on to the Great River, the Quinatucquet River, to Pau-was with other tribes.

I have always wondered if it would not be more beneficial for one non-profit organization to share this land with other non-profit organizations and all true native elders.

This very sacred land is now being used to help young men learn about and enjoy Mother Earth.

However, every time someone talks to me about their trip to this Sacred Mohegan Land,

the first thing that they mention is the littering. Why not share the land with our elders, as well as with the Cub Scouts, Brownies and Girl Scouts? In this way, more people would be available to help clean it up, and be taught how to show respect for Mother Earth, while keeping it out of the hands of those who would shame Uncas and all of the Ancestors, by turning it into just another tourist attraction.

Attention/Now for an update,

The Sachem Uncas sacred prayer rock village has been turned over to the casino Indians so now we shall see just how long the Ancestors of New England Woodland American Natives beloved Cauchegan Rock village can remain a sacred Mohegan prayer place?


Sachem Walkingfox



My cousin John E Hamilton

Lands claim chief for our people.

Because of all of the strong statements sent to me from so many people for such a long time now about one of my ancestors, Cousin John Hamilton I feel the need to write in his defense?

It would seem that because in his later years with the onset of Alzheimer’s  he would put on Eastern Woodland American Native Regalia and a Plains Indian head dress from what is said to be Chief Sitting Bull’s and was gifted to my family by a granddaughter, then jumping on his white horse and riding around New London county claiming to be grand sachem chief of the Mohegan/Pequot people after the crossing of my father Sachem Zeak we forget about all of the good that he has done for my family and our people both before and after becoming sick!

My Grandfather made John chief of land claims for life and my cousin John did spend all of that life working for the good of our people; please remember some day you may become sick with Alzheimer’s!








Tobacco gift


How and when to present a gift of tobacco to a Traditional American native?

Any and every time that one wishes to speak with an elder and/or honor an elder

 it should be by American native tobacco (Kicnic-kicnic) gift.


How much is enough tobacco to present as a gift?

How much is not as important as how one gives the gift.

First make sure that the tobacco is Kicnic-kicnic, and then

 remind the receiver that this gift came from Mother Earth.

Because it did come from Mother Earth it would be nice if it

were wrapped in red, why red?

Red represents women or Mother Earth.

What is American Native Kicnic-kicnic?

Kicnic-kicnic is herbs collected from Mother Earth with prayer

of thanks to Creator and Mother Earth!



Naming Ceremony Protocol

First and the most important thing would be to make sure that you are an American native, to find this out ask an elder.

The traditional way to make a request to receive your American native name is to give a gift of Kicnic-kicnic, as the request is made, to the person you are requesting the name from.

You and your family must also plan a meal or "feast" to celebrate after the Naming Ceremony is completed.

 If others are receiving their names, the covered dishes will be shared.

Present a gift of tobacco from your left hand to the left hand of the individual you are wishing to receive a name from this means heart to heart.

 This person should be a person you respect and must be someone who is an American native elder from the nation that you are requesting a name from.

Personally ask if you may make a request of this person, either in person, by phone or e-mail.

Receive this individual's consent to allow you to make a request.

Honor a male and a female with tobacco and request that they stand with you as sponsors at the ceremony. These should be individuals who have made a significant impact in your life and are familiar with that American native nation.

Naming ceremony is held in a prayer circle with a fire, both of which must be properly prepared. (Honor the prayer circle with appropriate attire and attitudes. Regalia should be worn if available.)

Give thanks to the Creator and all the sponsors.

One should NEVER have to pay for any American native gift; if you do the gift will be void!

Grand Sachem Chief Walkingfox









Welcome to Uncas Elementary School

280 Elizabeth Street Extension

Norwich, Connecticut 06360






Uncas Elementary School 280 Elizabeth Street Extension

 Norwich is just a few miles north from our turtle hill village.

Turtle hill village holds the royal burial grounds and

Prayer alter for my people and over looks the

 mouth of the old Pequot river and forts.

The classes are grades from Kindergarten

Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 and Grade 5.

A class book report teaching the use of the internet

 while also teaching about the first people of that land.


This is that book report


Our school is named after the first Sachem of the Mohegan Indians, Uncas.  This is Uncas' story, as told by the present leader of the Storey Clan, Walkingfox.  "The Storey Clan is from the Abanaki Algonquin Nation."  --Sachem Rolling Thunder.
    "After Grand Sachem Wopigwooit, who died in 1631, the next Sachem of the Pequot tribe could have been either Uncas or Sassacus, because of their blood lines.  Most of the tribe wanted the leadership to go to Sassacus, and so it did.  After many years, many wars, and the loss of many young braves of the nation of the Pequots, Chief Uncas tried to get Sachem Sassacus to stop the wars and make peace with the white man.
    Chief Uncas tried to explain to his people, that if they continued on this path of war and destruction, they would soon no longer exist.
    So, Chief Uncas took all who wanted to go and moved them across the Pequot River, which is now called the Thames, to the Great Falls of the City of Kings, which is now called Norwich, and named the Clan, the Mohegans.  The name Mohegan means Wolf.  (Shortly after) this time, Uncas became the Grand Sachem of the Mohegans."


This is an excellent piece of work done by an Elementary school on my people and extremely close to my words. Each and every time I read this or see that someone else is reading this book report I cannot keep the tears from flowing from my eyes!

Taw-but-ni (Thank-you) to the principal, all of the teachers and staff

 If Sachem Rolling Thunder were alive today he would give this report an A +.

Aquine (Pease) Walkingfox




Monday May 11, 2009

For the past ten years now this picture of my ancestor, the first true leader of the Mohegan people Grand Sachem Chief Uncas has been on my web sites because both picture’s were made by the school children from his namesake, Uncas Elementary School 280 Elizabeth Street Extension Norwich, Connecticut, my family and I are so proud of them that we thought it a find tribute, now someone has seen fit to remove their words, the pictures and the school web site, shame on you. I agree that my family should not be the only school project on the web however, school children should be writing about our past and we, the American native people, must be willing to help them not chastise nor remove their work, remember the Nazis of WW-2. I will leave this up on my web sites for those children, their children and grand children to enjoy forever!


Sachem Walkingfox



Lately I have been enjoying reading the questions that people are interested in learning about as they come to my web sites, many very good questions that I would be happy to answer only I have no way of doing so unless you write me, so if you what my answers to your questions please write to me




Dear Students.

Please accept my apologies I am no longer able to reply to

your requests to doing your school and or homework for you.

I can however and will always be available to

assist with a help at answering questions.


Sachem Walkingfox



Storey Clan Flag



We are the last of the royal family

Please be advised we have nothing to do with a casino we never

 Have, nor will we, it is against our belief, our ancestors and

the Creator, we are sorry to read that many people are

having problems with them however, we ask you to

please write to their web site, Thank-you.



" We are the Storey Clan, descendants of

the Mohegan's an Algonquin Speaking
American Native people of Turtle Island and Uncas,
the first Sachem of the Mohegan's.

As Sachem Uncas changed the name from Pequot back

to Mohicans and the Early European settlers again

misspelled it to become Mohegan

 The Algonquin speaking people were

the largest group of American Native
or indigenous peoples along the Eastern coast
of what is today known as the United States.


We are also descendents of Samson Occum,
an American native Preacher and an ancestor of
both Mary Tracy Fielding Storey and
Bright Star, Alice Storey. "





Bright Star, Alice Storey. "


Our Matriarch ancestor, Alice Storey

known as Bright Star because as a child

she loved going outside to look at the stars.



When I was very young,

my grandfather Sachem Tall Fox,

 At the time the Sachem of a group of

Pequot/Mohegan people in the area for many years,

 and held his meetings at this small church near the

Pequot river and also held meetings in our home.


Map of the American Native Pequot/Mohegan Land!



Map of Uncasvillage the American

Native Pequot/Mohegan Land!

Can you see turtle hill burial grounds?

The alter or prayer rock?

Sachems old homestead village and Fox brook also?



Ziek & Walkingfox my farther and me.

At the old hole in the tree

Pequot/Mohegan homestead.


My Pequot/Irish mother at my graduation

 Catherine is a descendent of Laura Brown

 and of William Brown


Elisabeth Kelley

Pequot/Irish Grandmother

Picture on the right

Elisabeth's husband Charles was a

descendent of William Brown a

Pequot/Mohegan American native


Elisabeth Kelley's husband Charles
was a desendent of William Brown a Pequot American native



Nettie Smith<>Penobscot/Pequot 

Got her name because she loved to

fish using a net.

I can rember Uncle Russ who

enjoyed many days & nights

warm or cold swimming in my

pool while he talked about the

old ways & old days and his visit back

to the Penobscot Reservation with the

Matriarch Clan mother Nettie Smith & her

ancestors on the Pequot nation side.



Coach Pete Wagner with the Connecticut Special Olympics

 with proud mom my sister

Carol and his Sister Ann-Marie Wuestner.

My sister Carol is the team mom and the loudest fan

at each and every game, Ann- Marie is a special needs

worker at Seabird Enterprise



Sachem 3 Bears of the Seekonk Wampanoag tribe

at one of our many gatherings in Massachusetts,

Bear is an elder, a friend and a mentor

 to Sachem Walkingfox


Top right is one of our elders.

Grandfather Chief Chuck Finch

of the Passamaquoddy tribe at one of our

many gatherings in Massachusetts,

Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.




Bottom right is Sachem Rolling Thunder.

Russell Smith<>Penobscot/Pequot

Uncle to Walkingfox his mother is the

daughter of Charley and a descendent of Bill Brown



Another of our elders and very good friend of

Sachem Tallfox, Sachem Zeak and Sachem Walkingfox

is Chief Silver Wolf of the Seekonk Wampanoag tribe





Sachem with one of the Generations drummer’s

Renato at the Firewomen Gloucester Massachusetts pow-wow.

Renato is a true friend to Donna & Walkingfox.


These are two of the sites with some of our loving

Memories of past trips around Indian Country.

You will meet some good people.


Dad Vermillion<>CherokeeMom Vermillion<

Vealis is the son of a full blood

Cherokee Chief and the adopted dad

of Walkingfox.

Lois, Donna's mom is the Matriarch elder

and the adopted mom of Walkingfox


Chief Homer St. Francis of the St. Francis Sokoki Band of the Abenaki

 at Missisquoi was a good friend of my father (Sachem Zeak) and a real

True teaching Mentor American Natives Elder for me

 and so many others while we were growing up on our REZ in Uncasvillage!









Donna Jones (

Sachem Walkingfox

at one of the many weddings performed

by Sachem this one while at a

gathering in Preston, Ct.




Chief Al Wolf & Wife
Chief Jen & husband

Chief Thunder Wolf is with Creator now shown

on the left with his lovely wife And

Chief Jennifer on the right with her husband

taken at the wedding ceremony that I performed

 for her at her home in Preston, Ct.





" Our home land is in Uncas village

and is now called  Uncasville, Connecticut,
named for Sachem Uncas, the

first Sachem of the Mohegan people. "


" We the storey clan honor and

follow our Creator, the Great Spirit,
Father Sky and Mother Earth. "


Because we now represent many nations

and people we choose to be known as the

Turtle Island Storey Clan:

Great Grandmother - Bright Star

Alice Storey - Pequot/Mohegan Ancestor

Sachem Tall Fox - William James Storey - Pequot/Mohegan

Grandmother - Elder -Happy Women

Mary Smith - Penobscot/Pequot/Irish 

Grandmother - Elder - Pretty Wild Flower

Laura Brown Pequot/Mohegan

Sagamore Glen Atwell

Sagamore Deborah McIntosh


Running Crow - Bill Jr. - Pequot/Mohegan

Bill Jr the son of Walkingfox until lost in a car accident

some years ago!

                         Chief Rolling Thunder - Russell Smith - Penobscot

A Penobscot/Mohegan Leader


Sachem Walkingfox - William Charles Storey, Sr.

 -Irish/Pequot/ Mohegan

Donna Jones ( is


To learn more about the Eastern Woodland American Natives,

primarily the Pequot/Mohegan’s please check out these web sites.





Artwork created for Sachem Walkingfox
is copyrighted   

" The symbol of our clan is the "Circle of Life",
a campfire surrounded by stones arranged in a circle." 




Copyright  1999 - 2008 Sachem Walkingfox All rights reserved.

The Mohegan Storey Clan from Connecticut




I am sure that you have noticed I enjoy talking about the time before first contact, well now is the time for me to start talking

about this time called "after first contact".

As stated in earlier pages, as a young pup growing up in Uncasvillage I spent many of those first years at the feet of my elders,

most of the elders often spoke of their elders reminiscence of the days lone gone now of the time before our first contact with Europeans.

All of the elders spoke of their distaste with so many “wannabe Indians,”

calling themselves American natives and stating that they are Sharman Medicine men, this is of course is an oxymoron.

Only after first contact have so many non-native people been showing up claiming to be this non-native person!

No person could ever walk into a traditional American native gathering and claim to be a Medicine man,

or at least they should not if there is also a plan to be walking out again!

In the first place you will never know who is a Traditional American native Medicine person unless or until you need one!

Checking the internet you will find hundreds web sites stating that they are this Sharman (Medicine man) and for some of

your hard earned money they will teach you to also be one!

Digging a little farther into their web site you will find out that they are usually not even American native people from Indian country!

I mean no disrespect to the religious people over in the old soviet block countries that have been practicing Shamanism for century's now ,

they are more they likely laughing at just how ridicules the people in this country are for claiming to be and believing in our phony statements!

I am just stating the fact that a Shaman and a Medicine man are not and never will be one in the same for many reasons!



Welcome aboard
Have any questions?
Walking with the Alligators


Copyright 1995 - 2010 All rights reserved.

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