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I would like to use the power of the internet to help people become aware

of the beauty of a museum!

The museum at the University of Florida might be a little bit smaller

then ones in New York or L.A.

However, this one has many rooms full of enjoyable beauty will worth the visit.






I travel to the Gainesville V.A. for visits with my eye and heart doctors

and at times when I get out of the hospital and it is open,

 I enjoy a short side trip to this Museum.



I have always been a history buff; this helped me get through high school,

I guess because I am an Eastern Woodland Americas Native

(Native American) and grew up at the feet of our elders (now ancestors)

at every meeting, that I a little boy was allowed to attend,

 I fell in love with the history, stories, and song they taught.

I now find that most people are not as excited as I am with a Museum,

or do not have one close to them, so I am making this site in order

 to encourage you to get out and find and enjoy one in your area.



The ancestors of the state of Florida must have also

 been from a Matriarch society just like the true

Traditional New England American natives.

Women rule men?

Women should be in control of how war

 should be run what a concept!

Our children would never go to a war

unless the men politicians go first.


You must come to my Museum!




Mr. Anolis said, “you think that your ancestors are old, you need to come see some of mine"!

Anolis carolinensis - Green Anole and  Anolis sagrei sagrei - Cuban Brown Anole are all over our central Florida and I wouldn’t have it any other way however, their ancestors were all over this planet at one time.













I think Donna took this picture because

she wanted to get both old fossils together?






Facts about Fossils in Florida, Photos, and other Prehistoric Fun!




The Prehistoric Giant Woolly Mammoth Elephant was 9ft.(2.75M) tall, and had long shaggy hair in two layers. It had thick fur and long guard hairs, similar to that of musk oxen. It was also called the “Tundra Mammoth”. This prehistoric elephant lived between 1.8 Million Years ago and went extinct about 10 Thousand years ago.








Rare shark of the deep snapped


A species of shark rarely seen alive because its natural habitat is 600 metres or more under the sea was captured on film by staff at a Japanese marine park this week.

The Awashima Marine Park, south of Tokyo, was alerted by a fisherman at a nearby port on Sunday that he had spotted an odd-looking eel-like creature with a mouthful of needle-sharp teeth.

Marine park staff caught the 1.6-metre-long creature, which they identified as a female frilled shark, sometimes referred to as a "living fossil" because it is a primitive species that has changed little since prehistoric times.








However, it is not ever close to the size of its ancestors




This is a free Tripods web site so I am limited as to

the number of pictures and their size, sorry.












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Aquine (Peace my friends)

Because of the attacks from spam spiders

we have changed the way to contact us!


You may contact Sachem Walkingfox at:

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