Mohican/Pequot/Mohegans first Village.

The Circle is the oldest symbol of the world.

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The Circle is the oldest symbol of the world.
The Circle is a reminder of our connections

to Mother Earth.

The sun, mood and planets travel in circles.
The Circle is the symbol of the heartbeat of all people.





Circles have traditionally played

an important role in Indigenous peoples

Pow-wow dancers and Round Dances
 usually travel in a circular pattern.




                                               Grand entry (our church)

Back before first contact we the American Natives from the Eastern woodland tribes had what we called a PAW-PAUS (church).

Because of first contact (threats of assimilation) and the lack of non native understanding our ancestors changed the gathering and the name to Pow-Wow (meaning the wicked ones) which now allowed non natives a look see!

why is it so hard to understand that Eastern woodland American natives wish for the same respect when it involves our Grand entry, and a precious few other dances?

No traditional elder wishes to be mean we have explained that most of our people attending this entry do so with many sacred medicines and or possessions some believe should not be recorded!

Please come and enjoy a traditional American gathering we, the elders, would love to teach and guide you through-out and will ever enjoy a dance or two with you.


To some native peoples of northeastern North America, a 'powwow' was originally a man with special abilities to cure or offer advice from the spirit world, a wizard, witch, and magician as explained earlier.

Everyone is welcome at Powwows!

At times there is an entry fee to help pay for the drum, electricity, insurance and so on and you will often find a wide variety of  American native crafts, trade goods and food for sale; even demonstrations and storytelling as well.

It's a great place for your entire family to spend the day.

Drugs and alcohol are not permitted; pets must be on a leash at all times, like at a Paw-paus some powwows invite pets into a circle because Grandfather is Creator of all!

The spiritual center or heart of a Powwow is THE CIRCLE; a place to be respected and honored, it is a sacred place that is blessed by Creator through a spiritual leader. The circle is entered only from the East (where there is an opening) and dancers travel in the same direction as the sun.

The singing is a gift and prayer to the Creator; and the drum is the heartbeat of our People. The singers and drummers together are called THE DRUM.


Ceremonies start with a "Grand Entry" of the dancers to pay respects to our Creator and to greet one another. Honoring songs, and dances for veterans and our ancestors and a prayer follows. You will be asked to stand and remove your hat for these ceremonies if you can.

Please don't take photos or videos if you're asked not to do so; and please don't touch the clothing or personal belongings of anyone in American native dress.

Much of what is worn is sacred, expensive and irreplaceable, but do feel free to ask if you want to take individual pictures, or if you have a question about a particular item that someone is wearing.

Most traditional Native People will be pleased to assist you if they're asked first.


You will see many types of dances at a Powwow. When you hear a 'Round Dance' or sometimes it is called a friendship dance announced, EVERYONE will be invited to participate, so proceed to the East door of the circle and join in.

A  Round (Friendship) dance is easy to learn and fun to do.





American Native Prayer Pouch

I have said for some 50 years now that the only dumb question is the

one that you think of, but do not ask!


I have now been asked!


Elder traditional American Native’s go through many years of prayer with

our Creator and other Elders and it is at this time that sacred things are placed into

a prayer pouch, this pouch is not the problem it is the Medicine inside that is extremely

sacred to this Elder!

Any and all American Natives, given the chance can and should readily explain about

this belief; it is what is inside that should not be abused!


Yes, knowledge is the best way to counter ignorance, which leads to hatred and

disrespect and that, is why I try to spend as much time as possible doing just that, Teaching!


What is a Native American prayer pouch?

Not to be confused with a Medicine pouch however, almost as sacred as one, a prayer

pouch worn by our people is one of the many ways to help us remind our friends to send

a prayer to our Creator.

Each time one sees a prayer pouch one should stop and say a prayer’s,

I see nothing wrong with that?

I cannot believe that in this day and age of enlightenment non native women

still think, or do not think, or do not care, that it is O.K. for them to reach out

and grab our sacred pouch and ask,

“so what do you have in this thing”?

While teaching why it is that I step back and cover up I get something like,

“well you should keep it covered inside of your shirt”?

My guess is that doing so would kind of defeat the main reason

for wearing it in the first place, what do you think?

No traditional American native would ever question one about their beliefs,

in fact we would be pleased just knowing that you had beliefs.





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