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Aquai (Hello ) to my visitors from around Mother Earth (the world ).

Aquine ( peace, love and happiness).

I can see, as I am sure that you can see from the list collected below!

 many of you keep coming back looking for information about my people.

The traditional American Native people of New England.

Un-like the many true Sachem Chief's from the area,

 I am still alive and with the background, knowledge

 and computer savvy willing to answer your question!

I, Sachem Walkingfox am interested in learning from you about

your beautiful country, while teaching you  everything that I can

 about mine, this the land of true traditional indigenous people

east of the Mississippi river.

When you have questions write directly to me Sachem Walkingfox





You should find Your city in a box below on this  pages.



Welcome to the City's from

Around Mother Earth ( The World ).

I now wish to offer my sincerest apology to you all, because I had to

Re-arrange your countries in our alphabetic order to what I believe to be

much confusion while reading, Again I apologize because they are now not

in the order of when you stopped by for a visit!






Taw-but-ni (thank-you my friends ) for your visit.