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Cauchegan rock village


After the split of the Pequot people and Uncas renaming 

of his people back to their original name Mohican Cauchegan

rock village became the most important village of the people

because of its location and its height it became a great place as a lookout.

If you look on the left side of this photo up about ¾'s of the

way behind that smaller tree you will also see the prayer altar.




Uncas leap falls and river

You remember the story

It was at this location where Sachem Uncas leaped to safety

 while being chased by his enemies the Narragansett's.

 Following this event, these same enemy warriors thinking

that all native people were like their people chose to leap

to their deaths rather than be captured by Uncas and his men.

An alter was later built at this site and it then became a place

of prayer for American natives.

now look on the right of this

photo about half way up you should see the prayer alter.



Turtle hill burial grounds Uncas village, Ct.

A very sacred place for the royal families of the Pequot

and Mohegan people, this is the Prayer rock, looking

just behind this rock there is another rock (prayer alter)

at the entrance to the burial grounds.




Sachem Tallfox's prayer rock at the old hole

 in the tree family homestead on turtle hill.