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A few good links



This is a very good link if you are looking for Information

about American Natives in Connecticut.

Muddy Links

City Stratford, Connecticut




Learn more about the Mohegan Tribe

the Mohegan people and their culture:







Learn about my Mohegan Tribe

through the eyes of a casino?

This site states that Uncasville is home to the Mohegan Sun Casino.

Although this is a true statement, a casino is by far

not the only interesting place that you visit!

there are many great things to do in this state and my town of Uncasville

that you can enjoy and not lose your money while enjoying them!



(Sachem Uncas)

was an Earthlink page

and has been moved to









Includes a map of the area from the 1600s.

Written by my site designer

while picking my brain from past memories

of good times at the knee of my ancestors!



page at


is a tremendous web site build through

the loving eyes of tah a mixed blood.


The Newigwam

(Captain Kidd and the Mohegan Indians)

is temporarily offline?


(Mohegan History)

site is written by a member of the casino people?


(Native American Mohegan)

 site has been shut down?




( Hello to you my visiting friends ).

Please take a moment to visit the Index page.

This page will help you understand and better travel

through any and all of my websites.


My ancestors, the Indigenous people of this area of what in now called

Indian Country, did have a Political system so to speak however without Politicians.

There were no Politics, no Republicans, no Democrats or Independents.

The tribes were not a Republic, a state or even a country.

This way of life ( government so to speak ), had no Corrupt Politics.

We did not have a President or Vice-President, what we do have is a

 head chief called Sachem Chief ( Sa-Chum ).

This Sachem does have a system of a committee of Elders, a committee

of Clan Mothers and a committee of chiefs.

we have what you call Districts called clans however the power of the tribe is always

from the Sachem down.



( Peace to you my friends ).


( Thank-you for taking time from your busy life to read our pages ).







Traditional American Natives have a supreme being

we call this supreme being by many names.

Creator, Father Sky, Grandfather just to name a few.

Creator cares for us like the Europeans God does.

Witches, Warlocks and Shamans have their god also,

Trickster, coyote, powwow, just to name a few.

 only this god is the one that is fighting

for our spirits in the afterlife.

We are believers in very different supreme beings

and therefore should never be praying together!


This also means in a Sacred Circle!





The long leaf pine trees are a protected tree in

Florida & Georgia however, I follow truck after truck from

 Georgia full of fresh cut pine trees heading north.

I find that companies are chipping and grinding trees

to make fuel for factories now using oil or gas.


From Florida up to the Carolina's we have there

palmetto bushes and trees that everyone hates

so why not grind and chip them into this fuel?

All of this talk going around about bio fuel using corn,

 Sugarcane , switch grass, wood chips, algae,

wheat, straw and so on.

How about the dreaded palmetto bush's

of Florida and the Carolina's?

For years now people are looking for ways to use them

or at the very least finding ways to get rid of them

once and for all so why now mix them

 with everything else for bio fuel?




I believe is science.

I know that scientist's make our lives much easier.

I believe in free speech as you can plainly see from my web sites however, I just cannot seem to understand why they ( scientist & writers ) do not ask, who or what was around to make the big bang and the black hole?

Believe in Creator!



Lisa Miller

March 26th 2010

Can Science Explain Heaven?

Scientists try to explain near-death experiences.


Is just trying to sell her book however, her mistakes in heaven are confusing too many people for me to not write some of my feelings!

I, Sachem Walkingfox, am not of the Jewish faith, although I have many friends that are and I love the people.

I am not in essence a Christian, although I have many friends that are and I also love the people.

As a matter of fact I do not belong to nor do I believe in any organized religion!

That said, I do love reading bibles!

In the Bible (King James bible) John 19:30 When therefore had received the , he said, It is : and he bowed his head, and gave up the .

What was he ( Jesus ) speaking about?

Why would he make such a statement while under such duress?

Why, because that is the main reason that he ( Creator, God ) became man and came down on Mother Earth in the first place!


So If it is finished why try to make something out of any near death experience except to know that they are just that, an experience?

Matthew 1:21 (New International Version)She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins.

Footnotes: Matthew 1:21 Jesus is the Greek form of Joshua, which means the LORD saves.






Books, Books and more Books!


once again I  had someone hand me a book about my people. I was asked many years ago to read this book however, I lived the real life and did not see any reason to wonder what it was like. So, this person would read it to me while we were traveling around the Powwow trail.

As she would read I found that everything in this book, as with most other books about my people, was stolen from another source, or is a fabrication of the truth ( half truth )!

So I did not read it.

Ever since the day that the Casino's bought the Indians, I keep getting books from people asking me to read and give them my opinion.

The only reason I am now reading these books is because I am spending a lot of time at doctor's offices.

With Mother & Father law hospital visits, new puppy and my heart and eye doctors, I have a lot of reading time.

First thing we must note is that very few of the people in these book were around Uncasvillage in the 30's,40's,50's 60's 70's and 80's so why are they called Mohegan's?

The next would be why is every man in the book called chief?

Why are none of the women called chief?

Why did this book allow you to believe that the English could dictate who should be our Sachem?

What does this book mean when it said that the Sachemship (Sachem royal family) Ended?

Did someone kill us all?

Like many other cultures the royal family went underground and kept the royal line intact through the Trace, fielding, Storey line!

Remember that a chief in an Eastern Woodland American Traditional Tribe is appointed by the Sachem, this chief is a person with a job authorized by the Sachem, that person ( man or woman )is only chief until that job is finished.

The next job may need to use another leader or chief.

If this chief needs assistants with the work load he may, with the permission of the Sachem assign help ( Sagamores ). So one would rightfully conclude that all of the chiefs in this book and any other book on Eastern Woodland Native Americans are just workers for the people assigned by their Sachem.





Sunday March 14, 2010 08:58AM



So, you think that your pets are safe because, after all you feed them store bought food and you trust your veterinarian to always tell you the truth and do the right thing!


For your pets sake, Please read my pet site!











Before first contact native people traveled often, because of the times they needed ways to show friendship or war.

The Eastern Woodland meaning of the word Aquai is Hello or I come in peace.

The correct posture would be for the new comer to extend the right hand out palm up to show that there is no weapon!

The left hand over the heart!



The Eastern Woodlands word for Thank-you is Taw-but-ni.

Sachems newest web sites.


My answer to this Daily Bible Verse.



1 Corinthians 10:13


The statement people mistakenly make that said "when God closes a door he opens a window" has irritated me for a long time now however, lately it seems to be coming up in conversations almost every day so, with your permission I wish to put in my two cents, please remember that I am no expert in bible battles although I have been in many "religious discussions" so jump in whenever you have a comment.

The Native Americans that I grew up with believe in Creator (Grandfather),

Trickster ( coyote) Satan and Spirituality, knowing this then you should also know that I believe Creator is who you call God, the Trickster is who you call Satan, and Spiritually is what you call Religion.


Now for my take on 1 Corinthians 10:13


I am going to use Creator and you understand this as God.

I am going to use a male name just for ease of human understanding.

We know that God Created all!

We know that Creator is so much more then a human male!


After reading a number of bibles, books and paper works about Gods word (the bible) it looks to me that Creator has all of the Angels that is needed to obey his every wish and to praise him constantly day and night.

I believe that Mother Earth had human like people on her long before we the people of this planet were placed on Turtle Island, (Mother Earth).

 So, now he (Creator) wants to also have companions that can think and hold intelligent conversation with him through-out all of eternity.

To do this he had to create we the humans give us our own mind to do right or wrong and send us through the trials and tribulations for a time, in order to clean us by faith and trust in him.

He (Creator God) will allow the trickster, a fallen angel, to tempt us up to a point however, this trickster can never go any farther then we allow.




The trickster closes a door if we let him and God will open a window, IF we ask of him!


I also believe that he, Creator, came down for a time as Father Sky and became man only to help teach us his way to life eternal with him.





King James Version


There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it.



New International Version


No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it.



Please notice that in each verse at no time did it say that God closed the door.

 However ,they do say that God can and will open your window.







Found on the internet today!



Connecticut's Native Americans have high visibility and growing influence -- often engaged in controversial issues. Connecticut's natives have always been here, struggling for more than 350 years with assimilation, racism and economic stress.



RUSSELL HANDSMAN (Archaeologist): For almost 100 years Corning fountain has stood in the heart of Hartford. It is a statue which celebrates progress and the growth of Hartford into industrial city. This particular statue has four Indian males encircling the bottom. Each one is supposed to represent a particular phase in the historical development of native Americans.

In this first figure, we see Native Americans represented in their primitive pre-civilized phase. This particular figure shows an Indian male fishing. The second figure of the Native American male kneeling is supposed to represent the first comings of the colonists to Hartford. He's looking out over the horizon, dressed in a headdress never worn in Southern New England, looking at the colonists coming up from the Connecticut River Valley. The third figure shows an Indian man with a raised striking out in resistance and defense of his homelands. It is supposed to represent the time period in the 17th century when Native Americans and colonists often solved their differences through armed warfare and massacre.

The last figure was really typical of the best Indian in the late 19th century. He represents a civilized, peaceful figure, much more white than Indian, a figure who by becoming civilized left the Indian traditions behind.

TRUDIE LAMB RICHMOND (Schagticoke Tribe): The bottom line is that this fountain portrays an inaccurate picture of Indian people's history and culture. I would hope that people will learn that there's a great deal of cultural diversity, that some of us live in reservations, some of us don't. We come from all different walks of life and all different occupations and in spite of all of that, we struggle to maintain our identity as Indian people.


Sachem Walkingfox (Pequot/Mohegan Storey Clan ) I say the bottom line is miss understood by even the best native writers in this day and age.

After the 70's when all people started feeling sad for indigenes people, state and federal politicians stepped in looking for ways to full pockets, so now the (Indians) wishing to be recognized had to play there games, the Traditional do not play, so they were all caste aside, Are they still Natives? Why yes we are! Do we have a reservation? Why no we do not! Do we need a million man march of Native people!

Why yes we do!





In this same articles




MOONFACE BEAR (Golden Hill Paugussett Tribe):

The mistake of the Paugussett's is holding onto that little piece of land in the heart on New Haven and thinking that the white folk will give it up, after my good friend Moon crosses ,they should have just worked on keeping their Colchester land!


RICHARD "SKIP" HAYWARD (Mashantucket Pequot Chairman):

Everyone knows my feelings on Skip

Without Reservation: The Making of America's Most Powerful Indian Tribe and Foxwoods the World's Largest Casino-- Jeff Benedict


JOSEPH CARTER (Mashantucket Pequot Tribe):



 It's very hard to say "you are an Indian and you are not." Just because you happen to have less bloodlines or less blood than the other one? No. You can't do that.




 My father is one-quarter Native American and my mother she's a mixture of Polish and she is definitely White, so I had the balance, so I was definitely assimilated into the White world if you will. But as I got older I found that it's easier to identify with it. I went through a stage where maybe it wasn't so easy because in high school was peer pressure and people just trying to be individuals, you just kind of didn't want to call so much attention to yourself especially when you look - maybe like me, where you have to explain yourself so much it was just easier to assimilate and just blend in, which was really what I wanted to do. And I don't think you can say you can look at someone and say "oh, they're Native American because they have black hair and braids," or "I'm not because I have blue eyes and brown hair." I think it's who you feel you are and some people identify closer to it with it than others



MIKKI AGANSTATA (Cherokee Heritage):

 The average Indian person is like the average person in the State of Connecticut and you may find them anywhere. You may find them employed as part of state government, like myself. You may find them in private industry. You may find us doing technical jobs that you would never associate an Indian person as being interested in. On the other hand, you might find us at times highly visible and involved in things that are identified as Indians.


People in the town of Montville have long been aware of the continuing existence of the state's Indians due to the efforts of the area's Mohegan tribe. My father, John Tantaquidgeon, and my brother Harold Tantaquidgeon -- they built this little stone room in 1931 for the purpose of having  some place to display many of the Mohegan made items: basketry, woodwork, and some of those things. The baskets in this one section were made by my father, John Tantaquidgeon. He was the last Mohegan basket maker. And some of the bowls and spoons and other cooking utensils were also made by him. He used oak for his splints for the baskets. It's really tough -- it doesn't wear out. And for the cooking utensils, they used maple.



Some historians est




While scanning through my visits from people looking for the

truth on the internet about the Natives Americans of this country


I found this question       Cochegan?


and this link for their answer!



A geological curiosity,


Cochegan Rock was proclaimed New England's largest boulder after it was measured in the 1870s by Harvard University scientists,


 who calculated it at 176,000 cubic feet.


 The most recent measurement, in 1986, showed the glacial erratic to be 54 feet long, 50 feet high and 58 feet wide, and weighing 7,000 tons.


 Ownership of the area around the rock was transferred in 2006 from the local Boy Scouts of America council to the Mohegan tribe.


 According to legend, the 17th-century chief Uncas, who founded the Mohegan tribe and made peace with the colonists, held council on this rock with other tribal elders.


In the 1870's my great grandfather ( William Storey Sr.) was Sachem of the Mohegan/Pequot people and prayed at this Cauchegan prayer rock many times.


In the 1980's my father Sachem Zeak prayed at this Cauchegan prayer rock.


The boy scouts never owned our prayer rock how could they sell it to a casino?


Uncas was and still is the first Sachem of the Mohegan/Pequot people, who has the power to drop him back to a chief?










The problem with this information is that it is incorrect!



I Walkingfox took this picture of our families prayer alter it was takes just before Sachem Zeak,

my father, crossed in 1986 and before they did this survey. You may know the rock as Cauchegan

the name of one of my relations that lived in and around the land and one of its protectors!

Click on their picture now before they (the casino's )remove it, and as you save it you will

be saving it as  Cauchegan!

Same old story, A non native American took possession of the land that they did not own,


later that family gave this land that they did not own to the boy scouts and still later the boy scouts

 sold our land

the land that they also did not own to a casino of Indians chosen by non native government officials!


It would have been better for that sacred land if it was turned  over to the Native American Mohegan's

or the  Mohegan Tribe and Nation.

At least I know that there are some real Traditional American natives in their group.


I remember soon after the big mistakes made by the then non native President Ronald Ragan, non native

Governor Lowell Weiker, non native Senator Chris Dodd, non native Representative  Sam Gejdenson and non native

Senator Joe Lieberman


that gave the old Mohegan land in North Stonington to a non Pequot/Mohegan man

( I worked with him and am not too sure that he has any native blood at all,


I know that his Grandmother was part  Caucasian and part  Narragansett)


many of the Traditional Mohegan people left my fathers group to join Courtland Fowlers group

( at that time was a group of  people upset with my grandfathers appointment of John Hamilton as chief of operations)

for riches and fame only to be told after the casino indians ( Fowlers group) got the reservation

 that they missed 3 meetings so they were no longer native people, WHAT DID I JUST SAY?


You heard me correctly, as soon as the casino indians of Montville got recognized they dumped all of the elder

true natives and found thousands of casino indians that would do as they say!






The Mohegan People of Connecticut


Just who are the American native eastern woodland Mohegan people and where did they come from?

Scholars, archeologists, anthropologists and just plain people have been trying to trace my people the Mohegan's for years now.

I believe most would agree to start someplace in the middle east or the middle of Africa, this is the place that is agree on as the start of our life as we now know it.

Religion set aside for now only so that I may make the point of where my people got that name, many now believe that their ancestors followed the food chain across the Striates (what was then a land bridge between what is now Russia & Alaska) across (what is now Canada) and then our people continued down into what is now called the Great Lakes in upper New York Lower Canada.

My ancestors, a part of the (Monheags) Mohican people, after some time became closer to Mother Earth as farmers; they became so good at farming that other villages wanted their land and pushed them all the way across the land and over what we call the Pequot river (Thames River).

After so many years of being beat up and pushed around, our people finely learned how to fight back, so when the villages of this new land started pushing my people pushed back and pushed back so well they ended up with all of the land!

When the Europeans showed up and stated pushing they pushed back and pushed so hard that the Europeans called our ancestors the Piquet's (destroyers), later the English changer the name to Pequot's.

When Grand Sachem Wopigwooit, one of many of our peace loving Sachem's, died in 1631

(there should never be a vote of the people)

however, two names came up as too who should be the next sachem, Uncas had seniority and the blood line and Sassacus wanted war so he (Sassacus) became the next Sachem of the Pequot people?

After many years, many wars and the loss of so many young braves of the Pequot people, Uncas, now war chief, tried to get Sachem Sassacus to stop the wars and try peace with the Europeans and neighboring tribes.

As Uncas explained, every time the Europeans lost a warrior, ten more would come to fight in his place; the Pequot's had no replacements and would soon no longer exist. The trickster (Coyote, Satan) blinded the eyes of Sassacus and most of the Pequot people so Uncas took all that wished to go over the Pequot river to what is now called the Great falls and changed the name back to Mohican.

This group of his people asked Uncas to take his rightful place as Sachem of this group of Mohican. Martha, his wife, had one husband, Uncas as Sachem had many wives.

Now because it this Sassacus considered Uncas and his people to be just another of his many enemy so the Pequot's immediately attacked this group across the river at a place now known as Fort Shantok park named after one of the Mohican braves that held off this brutal attack from their relatives.

Eventually the Europeans and all of the Pequot neighboring tribes soon grew so tired of this constant fighting that they joined forces and

regardless of what you now read in the papers or from some people

completely decimated the entire Pequot nation!

It was at this time that Uncas became the Grand Sachem of all of the people.

Because of new wars with the Narragansett's (who many time were much more brutal to the peace loving smaller tribes then the old Pequot tribe) Uncas moved a small band of non-royal mixed clan of his new tribe and settled them as lookouts in the area now known as Fort Shantok. As usual the European's began misspelling the name of our people and started calling them



As Paul Harvey liked to say,

"Now you know the rest of the story". As told to me by our Elders --"AHO"






O K I may need to go through this once again before you read the following article.

In an Eastern Woodland American Native Society (a Matriarch Society) the Sachem is the ruler of the people.

This person is born into the Royal family no one can vote for a Sachem.

This person male or Female can designate anyone of his people as chief and that person will be a chief for as long as the Sachem needs that person to be chief of a job for the tribe.

Each tribe has a number of clan mothers with one chosen by the Sachem as head Clan Mother.

The tribe also has a council of Elders and this council is set up and run by the clan mothers.

Now the entire tribe collects and hands over everything to their Sachem, then the Sachem distributes everything through-out the tribe!

Once everything is evenly distributed the Sachem and family must rely on the tribe for the families care and comfort!

This has a tendency to have a very good Sachem.




Prior to her death on July 15, 1929,and because he was the next in line Alice Melinda Storey/Tracy Fielding appointed William James Storey (Sachem Tallfox) her choice to rule  the Mohegan's.

Alice Storey/Tracy Fielding was at that time known as the Princess (Sachem) of the Mohegan's, and is a direct descendant of Uncas, acknowledged leader of the Mohegan Indian Tribe during the "Pequot War" of 1637, and thereafter. This title was affirmed as "Sachem for Life" by the Officers of Tribal Council of Mohegan Indians and on November 18, 1933 Sachem Tallfox appointed his cousin John Hamilton  as his War Chief of land claims and this was  recognized and supported by the Mohegan's, including Courtland Fowler, from 1933 through the 1960s.

In the late 1960s, War Chief Hamilton was authorized by the Council of Descendants of Mohegan Indians to act on its behalf in matters pertaining to the relations between the Mohegan Indian Tribe and the State of Connecticut. At that time, Fowler served on the Council under war chief John Hamilton.

In 1970, a faction of Mohegan's became dissatisfied with the prospects of the Mohegan Indian Tribe filing a land claim suit against the tribe's neighbors so at an unofficial Council meeting in May 1970, sought to elect a new leader of the Mohegan Tribe?

American native people now allowed to elect a Sachem to rule them?

How white of them!

War Chief Hamilton rejected the asserted authority of the Council to replace him or his Sachem so he and his followers left the meeting.

The remaining Mohegan Indians and non Indians at the meeting elected Courtland Fowler as their committee chairman.

The total number of people casting votes was fewer than 10 according to public statements made by chairman Courtland Fowler.

Fewer than 10 people tried to overthrew the Sachems Constitutional government and leadership tradition older than recorded history and leave the majority of Mohegan's the Traditional American native Mohegan's out.

Despite this separation however, from the 1970s until 1994, no Mohegan Indian was excluded from participation in traditional practices, events or ceremonies by virtue of association with either the Storey/Hamilton or Fowler faction of Mohegan Indians.

War Chief Hamilton continued to pursue a land claim suit on behalf of the Mohegan Tribe, and retained counsel for the purpose of prosecuting the land claim suit.

In 1977, "The Mohegan Tribe," acting through War Chief Hamilton, filed a land claim suit in federal district court in Connecticut against the State of Connecticut, asserting that aboriginal and historic claims and titles to over 2,000 acres in Montville, Connecticut had been extinguished in violation of the Non-Intercourse Act.

War Chief Hamilton further filed a notice with the Bureau of Indian Affairs ("BIA") seeking federal acknowledgment of "The Mohegan Tribe" in 1978. Both the land claim suit and the acknowledgment petition were filed on behalf of the Mohegan Tribe by Attorney Jerome Griner, who had been retained by Hamilton under his authority as Chief of Land claims.

From May 1970 through 1979, the Fowler faction continued to actively and publicly oppose both the land claim suit and the federal acknowledgment petition. From 1979 to 1981, the Fowler faction organized an entity called the "Mohegan Tribal Council" and adopted a constitution for its governance in 1980. At around this time, Attorney Griner, counsel of record for the Mohegan Tribe in the land claim suit and the federal acknowledgment petition, ceased accepting direction from Chief Hamilton and instead began to take direction from the Fowler faction, without notifying either the federal court or the BIA of his change in clients.

Upon discovering that Attorney Griner had begun to serve the interests of the Fowler faction in 1981, Hamilton discharged him and retained separate counsel from Attorney Robert Cohen. Although the State raised the issue of the propriety of filings by two attorneys on behalf of "The Mohegan Tribe" in the land claim suit when Cohen filed his appearance in 1981 and then later in 1989, the issue of authorization for the filings of Griner and Cohen was never resolved by the district court.

The Fowler faction amended its constitution in 1984 and renamed itself the Mohegan Tribe of Indians of Connecticut ("MTIC").

In 1985, Attorney Griner filed detailed documentation before the BIA in support of the 1978 acknowledgment petition on behalf of "The Mohegan Tribe, petitioner." Griner submitted an MTIC membership roll of 1,017 members, claiming that this roll relied on lists of Mohegan Indians prepared by the State of Connecticut. The BIA then placed the petition under "active consideration."

Also in 1985, the State of Connecticut filed a formal opposition to federal acknowledgment with the BIA, characterizing Hamilton and his followers and the Fowler group as two factions of a single, unitary Mohegan Tribe. In support of this position, the State relied on a 1979 letter from a member of the Fowler faction stating that "'they do not have a tribal organization because they are going to organize to form a tribal group for the sole purpose of combating War Chief John Hamilton.'"

In November 1989, the BIA announced its proposed decision that the United States would not acknowledge the Mohegan Tribe, based on its finding that from 1941 to the date of the rejection, the Mohegan Tribe did not demonstrate sufficient social community or sufficient political authority and influence as required under 25 CPR 83.7 (b) and (c). The BIA did not examine the files and records of Hamilton or the Council prior to issuing the proposed rejection. In 1990, Cohen submitted a response to the BIA pointing out that the BIA had never examined these files, and in which he narrated the internal leadership and external political and land claim efforts of Hamilton from 1941 until his death in 1988.

Because of the crossing of War Chief Hamilton and the crossing in 1986 of Sachem Tallfox's last living son Sachem Zeak, Clarence J Storey,  another Mohegan tribal faction started under the leadership of Eleanor Fortin The Secretary/driver of War Chief John E Hamilton.

The Mohegan Tribe and Nation is an incorporated tribal organization representing the interests of its membership, Native Americans of Mohegan ancestry, community and traditions, The Mohegan Tribe and Nation's membership consists of the living descendants of the aboriginal Mohegan Indian Tribe who are followers of the Mohegan land claims leadership of Sachem Tallfox and his Chief John Hamilton.


MTIC issued new membership restrictions in 1990, which limited membership in the Mohegan Tribe of Indians of Connecticut to lineal descendants of Francis Fielding and his wife Rachel Hoscott Fielding (1802 to 1860), or of Amy Cooper, whose children were adopted by William Fielding, a child of Rachel Hoscott Fielding and Francis Fielding. NAM claims that "MTIC maintains that there were no other Mohegan Indians alive in the first half of the nineteenth century with living descendants and that the families of any and all Mohegan Indians alive during 1802-1860 (other than the family of Rachel Fielding) are 'extinct.'" After adopting this restriction, MTIC removed approximately 118 people from its membership roll whom it had previously determined to be Mohegan, and whom NAM claims were on the membership roll originally submitted to the BIA in 1985. NAM claims that these 118 excluded people are Mohegan by standards known and employed in Mohegan tradition prior to 1990. After the federal acknowledgment petition was rejected by the BIA in 1990, MTIC wrote to certain followers of Hamilton who were also lineal descendants of Rachel Fielding or Amy Cooper and invited them to join MTIC.

NAM has approximately 1000 members. Even though members of NAM can prove their Mohegan ancestry, they cannot qualify for membership in MTIC because they are not lineal descendants of Rachel Fielding or Amy Cooper.

In 1994, the BIA reversed its position as to the pending petition of "the Mohegan Tribe," and published notice of intent to grant federal recognition to "The Mohegan Tribe of Indians of the State of Connecticut." This was the final action on the original acknowledgment petition filed by Griner in 1978 on behalf of "'The Mohegan Indians", of which Chief John E. Hamilton The BIA recognition decision expressly relied on Cohen's 1990 submission detailing Hamilton's leadership and political activity, as well as, the activity of other members of NAM that had been opposed by the Fowler faction, and NAM alleges that absent the leadership and activities of Hamilton and the Council, the BIA would have had no basis for reversing its 1989 proposed rejection.

Upon receipt of federal recognition in 1994, MTIC negotiated and executed agreements with the State of Connecticut and the Town of Montville, in which the parties agreed to seek federal legislation ratifying those agreements. In the State Agreement, the parties agreed to seek enactment of federal legislation extinguishing all aboriginal land claims in the State of Connecticut, and to ratify all conveyances of aboriginal or historic Mohegan title to the State which might have violated the Non-Intercourse Act.

The parties also agreed that the State would transfer certain land to the United States and that MTIC would acquire and transfer additional land to the United States, which would be held in trust for MTIC as the reservation of the Mohegan Tribe.

During hearings on the proposed federal legislation, the BIA advised Congress that this proposed legislation would extinguish all Mohegan land claims in the State of Connecticut. The Department of the Interior also expressed uncertainty as to whether MTIC was the sole successor in interest of the aboriginal Mohegan Indian Tribe in Connecticut. At the time the BIA gave this testimony, the BIA was aware that the 1993 acknowledgment petition filed by Chief Fortin was then pending, and was aware of irregularities that undermined the claim that MTIC was the sole successor in interest to the Mohegan Indian Tribe.

Notwithstanding this uncertainty as to MTIC's status as sole successor of the Mohegan Indian Tribe, the United States Congress enacted Public Law No. 103-377, the Mohegan Nation of Connecticut Land Claims Settlement Act of 1994. The Settlement Act states that "The Mohegan Tribe of Indians of Connecticut is the successor in interest to the aboriginal entity known as the Mohegan Indian Tribe." It extinguished any claim to land within the State of Connecticut based upon aboriginal title by the Mohegan Tribe" and any other claim to land that the Mohegan Tribe may have with respect to any public or private lands or natural resources in Connecticut, including any claim or right based on recognized title. The 1994 Settlement Act further provides that any used in this the term 'Mohegan Tribe' means the Mohegan Tribe of Indians of Connecticut, a tribe of American Indians recognized by the United States pursuant to [BIA acknowledgment regulations]." The Act also provides that apon publication of the determination and the State Agreement in the Federal Register pursuant to subsection (b) of this section, a transfer, waiver, release, relinquishment, or other commitment made by the Mohegan Tribe in accordance with the terms of the State Agreement shall be in full force and effect."

To complicate matters further, in 1996, an unnamed "Third Attorney" entered an appearance in the federal court land claim suit, using the case caption Mohegan Tribe of Indians of Connecticut v. Connecticut, rather than Mohegan Tribe v. Connecticut. The "Third Attorney" represented to the court that the land claims of the Mohegan Tribe had not yet been extinguished pursuant to the terms of the Settlement Act. On December 30, 1996, under a stipulation of dismissal filed by the Third Attorney for MTIC and the State of Connecticut, the land claims suit was dismissed. This stipulation bore the caption Mohegan Tribe of Indians of Connecticut vs. State of Connecticut. Neither MTIC nor its counsel consulted with any other Mohegan Indians who were not members of MTIC prior to dismissing the land claims action.

In December 1994, the Department of the Interior approved the Gaming Compact, and published the approval at 59 Fed. Reg. 65,130 (Dec. 16, 1994). This was the "determination" referred to in the Settlement Act. However, the State Agreement was not published in the Federal Register as required by the Settlement Act. The United States has accepted title to the trust lands as described in the State Agreement, and MTIC Gaming Authority has entered into management contracts and other agreements under which it has built and is operating the Mohegan Sun Casino.

On July 8, 1996, MTIC filed a lawsuit in New London Superior Court to prevent any corporations from using the Mohegan name. On February 13, 2001, the Supreme Court of the State of Connecticut decided that MTIC could not prohibit other descendents of the historic Mohegan tribe from using the Mohegan name. The appellate court affirmed the trial court's findings of fact that the incorporators of the Mohegan Tribe and Nation are Mohegan by virtue of ancestry.

In 1999, NAM filed a complaint in the United States District Court for the District of Connecticut. The defendants in the complaint were MTIC, the State of Connecticut, and the Federal Government.

The complaint sought to remedy the legal wrong defendants have caused NAM, an organization of Native Americans of Mohegan ancestry. The legal wrongs at issue are embodied in the enactment of federal legislation that defendants intended would effect the extinguishment of NAM's rights to pursue claims based on Mohegan aboriginal right and historic title to real property situated in the State of Connecticut. This federal legislation was promoted and its passage secured by the defendants, the Mohegan Tribe of Indians of Connecticut and the State of Connecticut, with the intention of vesting exclusively in the Mohegan Tribe of Indians of Connecticut.

Chief among the Mohegan rights and benefits that the current-day faction, MTIC, has sought to appropriate exclusively to itself, in violation of law and equity, are all fruits of a Mohegan Indian Tribe Non-Intercourse Act suit and a Mohegan Indian Tribe petition for federal acknowledgement as a tribe.

NAM alleged that MTIC has been unjustly enriched through: (1) obtaining the valuable and exclusive right under a certain "Tribal-State Compact Between the Mohegan Tribe and the State of Connecticut" to conduct certain gaming activities; and (2) the derivative benefits from federal acknowledgement of for-profit casino gambling operations conducted on the lands the United States accepted and now holds in trust for the benefit of Defendant Mohegan Tribe of Indians of Connecticut, without sharing any such rights, proceeds and profits with NAM, with the intention of precluding NAM from acquiring any such right on their own behalf. By federal legislation, the United States has sought to endorse and ratify this exclusive misappropriation of tribal rights and benefits to one faction of the aboriginal and historic Mohegan Indian Tribe.

The NAM complaint asserted that the extinguishment of land claims in the Settlement Act does not apply to any land claims of any tribe, band or group of Native Americans of Mohegan Ancestry except MTIC; that MTIC is not the sole successor in interest to the claims of the aboriginal Mohegan Tribe; and that any purported relinquishment of rights, including land claims, at the behest or consent of MTIC is null and void, and of no effect as to NAM.

NAM also sought an imposition of a constructive trust on the proceeds of the Gaming Compact, which NAM claimed inures to the benefit of NAM as well as MTIC, and alleges that MTIC and the MTIC Gaming Authority have been unjustly enriched by the proceeds of the Gaming Compact.

NAM also challenged that the 180 day statute of limitations in the Settlement Act was unconstitutional because it deprived NAM of due process and violated the principle of separation of powers. NAM further challenged the merits of the Settlement Act, and sought a declaratory judgment that the Act is unconstitutional, because it denies NAM equal protection of the laws, is an uncompensated taking of property without the provision of just compensation and is a taking of property not for public use.

NAM also claim a breach of trust by defendant United States for recognizing MTIC as the sole successor in interest of the Mohegan Indian Tribe and the United States violated the trust obligation owed to NAM and all individuals of Mohegan ancestry, community and traditions.

MTIC and the Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority, the State of Connecticut and the United States of America moved to have the case dismissed on the grounds of the statue of limitations and sovereign immunity.

On February 12, 2002, Judge Judy Arterton dismissed the case brought by NAM against MTIC, the State of Connecticut, and the Federal Government principally on the grounds of the statue of limitations and sovereign immunity


The moral of this story is that no Traditional American native person was allowed to be recognized as Pequot/Mohegan Indian by the federal government,




Tribal 13 moon ceremony.

13 Moon Ceremony to become a Clan Grandmother is a sacred ceremony

 for Eastern woodland American native tribes to strengthen

 and insure their royal families.

Eastern Woodland American Native Clan is defined as a group of people

usually related by family ties, and under the leadership of a matriarch

the Clan is based on a matrilineal system.

They have Clan Grandmothers and Grandfathers, (13 mood ceremony)

 as well as Clan Mothers and Clan Fathers.

The Clan Grandmother is the keeper of the sacred medicine bundle

from which the Clan derives its right of existence in most

traditional Native American Clans, and who, in conjunction

 with the Clan Mothers, generally has the authority to set policy for

the Clan as a whole.

The Clan Grandfather carries the Clan name and who, in conjunction

with the Clan Fathers, is generally responsible for ensuring

that the policies established by the Clan Grandmother are implemented

at the well of the Sachem.

A person can also be adopted into a clan (The 13 moon ceremony).

Clan adoption is an almost universally accepted means of admitting

 Outsiders and helps in the preservation of the tribe.

The word clan comes from the time of the Vikings trade visit

and family mixings long before Christopher Columbus came to our shores,

the Europeans also have clans.

A 13 should not be confused with women's moon ceremony

and it shows that a person cannot hand out names to non American natives

 in a day for a price as is being done extremely often nowadays

 in native country, by phony medicine man!








Monday May 11, 2009

For the past ten years now this picture of my ancestor, the first true leader of the Mohegan people Grand Sachem Chief Uncas has been on my web sites because both picture's were made by the school children from his namesake, Uncas Elementary School 280 Elizabeth Street Extension Norwich, Connecticut, my family and I are so proud of them that we thought it a find tribute, now someone has seen fit to remove their words, the pictures and the school web site, shame on you. I agree that my family should not be the only school project on the web however, school children should be writing about our past and we, the American native people, must be willing to help them not chastise nor remove their work.

. I will leave this up on my web sites for those children, their children and grand children to enjoy forever!


Sachem Walkingfox






March 20th 2009

China gobbling up Florida turtles


Asian countries are causing the extinction, the near extinction or the endangerment of every species of turtle they have over there, so now they're turning to the United States to supply their insatiable demand for turtle," said Matt Aresco, a turtle biologist from the Panhandle.





March 20th 2009

I don't know much however, I know enough to say to Senator Chris Dodd

"What comes around goes around"!

Ever since his first year in office he has been a no show on things we the people

  feel very important. That first year in office he could have stopped the phony movement

by a non Indian and his government paid attorney's, thanks in part to put casinos in New England.

President Ronald Regan tried to stop it with his veto that was over ruled by angry Democrats.

I do not need a book about this I lived in fear of losing my home during that time period,

I finely did just sell and move out of state however, if you need to read

a great book about what I am saying read

Without Reservation by Jeff Benedict.

Page # 123 to page # 143 then read the book!

The Democrats in that state have always been





March 19th 2009 is your nonpartisan guide to money's influence on U.S. elections and public policy. Whether you're a voter, journalist, activist, student or interested citizen, use our free site to shine light on your government. Count cash and make change.







Happy St Patrick's Day to the Irish and non Irish.

I believe that you will find this to be very interesting reading,

strange that most of the links no longer work however,

that may be if this site was installed on the internet before casinos?

You will find no information on the following subject written before casino's why?



Can there really be anyone with any kind of an education on the history of the world still believe that these same European conquering nations that have been conquering people for century's actually allow some of their enemy to leave while being massacred?

I think not!






Genocide or the deliberate extermination of one ethnic group by another is not new,

for example in 1637 the Pequot Indians were exterminated by the Colonists

when they burned their villages in Mystic, Connecticut, and then shot all

the other people -- including women and children -- who tried to escape.



The Pequot War



Dawn Attack. The war ended at Mystic, where between three hundred and seven hundred women, children, and old men were left on their own. The English encircled the village at dawn to prevent escape and burned every structure. Only seven Pequot's escaped the fire, which Puritan described as divine retribution. The remainder of the Pequot's were hunted down and exterminated in the following months. In 1638 the Treaty of Hartford declared the Pequot nation to be dissolved.








March 11, 2009

The Mormons vs. HBO

Big Love

According to a friend, the Mormons have historically not been

very Christian towards the Indigenous people of this country.

The story if you wish to read about it, is in the book:

The Destruction of the California Indians by Frank Heizer.

The book is a sad recount through news stories and letters of the

period in California history when Native people were not only

losing their land and their culture, but their children as well,

to the Gold Miners, the Mormons and the U.S. Military.

The Mormons called the Natives savages not fit to raise children

and took them, making them into their own personal slaves

and selling the leftovers to others to be used for the same purpose.

Everybody took something from those who asked only to be left in peace.

Now, these same Mormons, are quite upset with HBO

for filming what they consider to be a sacred ceremony,

the Endowment Ceremony.

Excuse me for not being too empathetic.

My people have been fighting with them about this same kind of

insult, since the Europeans first landed on this Continent.

Outsiders have for centuries, barged into our sacred ceremonies,

killed our people when not allowed to take part in them and

in recent times, filmed when ever and wherever they felt fit.

No one has ever screamed out for our rights about this.

What is that saying about Karma?

My advice to the Mormons is,

"Walk a mile in my moccasins".

Sachem Walkingfox



Walkingfox is a Vietnam veteran.