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Tarfox Wind Generator



Mr. Wind is a big mean looking guy however,

we are learning to use most of his power to better

our lives, let's do a lot more of this.





Wind power has been around for a very long time now however, we are now finely starting to realize its potential as a great energy saver. Most of the things that you can do with wind power to save also apply to solar and I just covered that under my solar page. One great advantage wind power has over solar power would be wind power works best in bad weather. The first thing that we need to do is stop thinking in line with the voltage of our power grid (power companies) 110 volt, 220 volt and 440 volt and start thinking voltage dealing with alternative energy, 12 volt, 24volt and 48 volts then we can light a light or run a motor right from our new solar and/or wind generator.






With wind power as with solar panels one can also run water well pumps to pump your well water into your home filtration system, no wind in the middle of the day a relay drops in and your solar panel battery takes over with its solar pump motor or alternator.



I am going to repeat myself now and again because many alternative

energy products can do the same job and this is one of the times.

Remember that I told you that many people cannot or will not switch to

newer energy equipment however, we all do vote

(at least I hope that we all vote, that is also free)

so each and every election starting with this one let's vote into office

only people that we know will be 100% for alternative energy!








Wind generator

A wind generator like a solar panel generates electricity

to be sent down to an electric water heater, heating unit or heating

A-coil to heat your home, remember we are now thinking low voltage not electric companies.


We also need to remember that we can use solar and wind to light lights in our home with 12 or 24 volts right from our panels and/or generators, why not campers, boats and motor homes have been doing this for many years, as for microwaves, T.V. stoves, washers, dryers, and fans 12volts or 24 volts.

I can remember back in the 70's working on 12 and 24 volt refrigerators so why not now and air and heat pumps also.



Please check out these links below to help

 learn more about alternative energy.