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Alternative energy equipment


This page will try to explain about the difference in equipment

between conventional old money grabbing power and the new

alternative energy and why I believe that it is the way to go

I would also like to dab a little in my thoughts about

Nuclear & Coal power after all it is my web site (J).




The old dinosaur energy companies, a little play on words, Dinosaur

as in coal, gas and oil, has some real good old equipment, after

all they have been using it for around 100 years or so.


Nuclear power was the new kid on the block so to speak, so new

that no one gave a though as to how or what we were to do with

those fuel rods for the next 50 to 100 thousand years or so, on one told

us just how much it would cost us in taxes to build them either,

the same goes for those gas, coal and oil plants.


The power comes out of the company to the grid, flows to

power lines  and maybe into your building if Mother Nature or a

vehicle doesn't stop the flow.


The power company sends the power past you

at the street and you pay to have it hooked up to

your building and then pay then to use their electricity.



The equipment needed to run on alternative power mostly

 depends on what you want to do and how fast

you are looking to get off the grid.

To hook up a water heater

(1)- Solar panel or panels.

(2)- Tank to hold the hot water.

(3)- Piping or tubing to and from panel.

(4)- Valves to control water flow.

(5)- Circulator pump to move the water, (Low voltage).

(6)- Just like with any water heater a back flow preventer.

(7)- A sensor to handle the water flow.


Now if you wish to also heat with water you will need

(1)- Piping to a heater.

(2)- A circulator pump to send hot water into the heating coil.

(3)- A coil, baseboard or Radiant flow or ceiling heating.

(4)- Thermostat to control water.

(5)- I would like to see a relay so that you can use a low voltage thermostat.

(6)- Wiring harness from panel to relay & Circulator.


Fiber Optic Light

Low Loss Energy Reservoir

Radiant Floor System

SARP Very low loss energy


SOAAP-Solar Opportunity Array Panel

WARP-Hydraulic Battery

Wind Generator