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10:17AM 04/17/2010

Obama adviser David Axelrod: No new drilling until answers given on Gulf accident




Alternative Energy takes on many meanings.

Alternative energy means another way

 of making energy for your use.

You can keep using the old money grabbing fossil fuel

from our friendly power companies (Right)!

Or you can think about updating to

wallet & Pocketbook friendly ways

of using your lights and power.

The choice is yours!

Please read on for your savings.



 On this index page besides many ideas for saving power, lights and water

I plan of showing many proven ways to get and use alternative equipment.

Most of the ways shown do not cost much plus our government is now

going all out to help with this expense.

Some of the things you will learn about will be.

power, sun, moon, water, solar systems,

geothermal heating and cooling, free hot water,

heat pumps, solar vehicles, wind power, energy as it should be used,

What is fossil and nuclear fuel and the whys and why not's to using it,

palmetto bushes and trees

for burning instead of our endangered long leaf pine trees,

going green and what that means, What is wastewater sludge and why

we should be using this also, Tidal power, ocean wave power,





This site was created to help everyone find ways

to save Energy and Money while keeping our Planet healthy at the same time.


 I am retired now, but for years I have looked for ways to help others understand the benefits of a better kind of Energy, Alternative Energy.



Working together, we can bring Alternative Energy to the whole World, one home at a time.


 So, let's all come together and help turn on the world

 to the Alternative energy age one home at a time.




On the following pages, you will find information about Alternative Energy:

Solar Power

Wind Generators


Heat Pumps

Equipment (voltage panels, wind generators, relays,

sensors, circulator, piping kit, wiring harness, circulator pumps, electric generators, volts)


Ideas will be explained on these pages about:

saving on gasoline, natural gas, propane, electricity, nuclear and coal power plants, radiant heat, fuels for vehicles, science, the sun, hooking up to motor homes, boats and campers with battery power.

We all need to rethink Energy and Power and how to find better ways to bring them into our homes and into our lives.

 Let's face it going Green will cost money, but then,

so does everything else.

As your new Energy Saving systems begin to do their job, your savings will also begin to grow.

In time, this new Energy will pay for itself and you will help make the Planet a little greener while you do it.

You won't need to do everything all at once, let's take baby steps.

I think the fastest and least expensive to chose to help one understand just how easy and great going green really is would be to start with hooking up to hot water and hot water for heat.

In the hot summer, have you ever left your garden hose out on the ground until the next day, thinking you'll finishing the watering tomorrow?

If you go back in a couple of hours, the water coming out of that hose is really hot. This is something like what happens in a solar panel, only the sun hits the pipe holding water, then hits sand, bounces back and hits the pipe again, producing lots of hot water.

Sand pipes work great in sand and today there are products that work even better and are lighter.

But for now, let's go with the old sand box Idea.

This box with the intense sun rays on it, is the reason you can and will get hot water even in the colder weather and also from the moon on most nights.

Now, you can run a hose from this panel down to a tank and another hose from the tank back up to the panel.

 Now you will start getting free hot water, not much and not fast or efficient, but soon, you will get hot water because heat rises and will push until the colder water also gets hot.

During this planning stage, you can build the box called a solar panel.

Adding a valve to force the water in one direction and a low voltage pump and some piping will make this last a lot longer than your garden hose.

This will give you a lot more hot water without the use of the power company and for a much longer period of time.

This is a very crude application just to show you a basic system that does not cost a lot of money.

Before going through the expense of installing this system, you would want to know about other ideas for producing hot water much faster, for not much more money.

An example would be, a solar panel that would do hot water and produce electricity and have a circulating pump that would run off of this electricity. For free!

Another example would be a holding tank, that does not lose heat, to store this hot water in until it is needed.



My brother died soon after retiring from Electric Boat, a Nuclear ship building Plant, was the motivation for these web pages.


 Please check out these links below:  



I know that far too many people are like me on a small fixed income and just cannot afford to spring for this newer system, many more do not own a home and rent a home or apartment, some even live in a camper or motor home so you feel as though you have no reason to go green.

If the entire country would go green then the cost of water, hot water, heating and cooling would come way down so that you would also save on your rent same thing if you pay for heat, cooling and your own hot water so let's all start now by working our politicians, check them out if they are not 100% for alternative energy make them find another line of work!

If you wish to learn more about my Alternative energy

ideas with a clearer grasp of the English language please

enjoy the pages that Donna made for me at


and write to me at

uncas1  at



A brief introduction to facts about saw palmetto


Saw palmetto (Serenoa repens) sometimes called "sabal," is a six- to nine-foot-tall bushy palm family member found in the southeastern United States. It is base from the lower coastal plains of southern Carolina to Florida, west to southeastern Mississippi. It is chiefly common in Florida, where it bring into beings thousands of acres of thickets, especially in the central and southern

The Palmetto Bush

Could one of the most abundant plants in

the South have a bright future as a bio fuel?


A new Fuel Source?

The Long Leaf pine trees are a protected tree here in Florida

and much of the South, yet I keep seeing truck after truck of our Florida

 fresh cut pine trees heading north. I have learned that companies are chipping

 and grinding trees to make fuel for factories now using oil or gas.

From Florida up to the Carolina's we have Palmetto bushes that people seem to hate,

so why not grind and chip them into this fuel?

There is much discussion about bio fuel made from corn, sugarcane,

switch grass, wood chips, algae, wheat, straw and so on.

 Well, how about the extremely abundant Palmetto bush found in much of Florida

and the Carolina's?

For years people have been looking for ways to use them,

or at the very least of finding ways to get rid of them,

so why not mix them with everything else for bio fuel?




Once again why do we need to go with Alternative fuels?

The power of Mother Earth, her power

and energy should never be denied!




 I guess we are supposed to forgive British Petroleum

a British energy company, because they say that they are

going to pay for their Gulf oil clean up!

Who is going to replace the plant life, Birds, Reptiles

and Animals lost because they cut corners while

building that thing on our shores?


Even a better questions.

How many of our oil company's also cut these corners?

How many other corners have been cut by oil companies?

Where will the next mishap be?

Because, it is a safe bet that there will be many more!

When will this nation un-cap the thousands of oil wells in this

country, take out the sulfur and pump our wells?