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Because of so many trips to museums from Canada to Florida and from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean I would like the pages of this web site to help bring many more people to enjoy why I love going.




This museum at the University of Florida in Gainesville may be a bit smaller than the one in big cities like New York and California however, it does have so many great things to enjoy and it is here in Florida and through the power of the internet I would like to show you.

If you are a history buff or are interested in many lives in our past then this is the place for you.

You will see some of this state's past Native Americans, one tribe got it right and was of a Matriarch society.

You will be able to read many stories and ever go on some adventures through a maze of windows, watch out in the round house!

You will see birds of all kinds and even a very large Anoles or two.

Speaking of large what about the sharks and woolly mammoth?

One photo someone though to place an old fossil with a newer old fossil.

Once you get through those mazes for a little change you can go into a butterfly greenhouse.




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